Phoebe Tonkin

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Melanie and now every time I land in Sydney, after giving my mum a big cuddle, the first thing I do is go see her for her Hydrating Glow facial. (And then try and see her as many times as I can before I leave again!)

My skin has never looked better than it has since I started to see Mel. Now I rarely ever wear foundation, and the texture of my skin hasn’t looked this way since I was a teenager.

I wish I could fit her in my suitcase and travel with her everywhere.





Nicole Warne

“I have an amazing skin specialist in Sydney, Melanie Grant, who has completely overhauled my skincare regime, though the products she prescribes unfortunately aren’t easily found overseas. She is honestly the only person I let touch my face, so I have to wait until I’m in Sydney for my facial treatments.”





Annabella Barber

"I invest a lot more in skin then in make up, so when I was introduced to Melanie and her team it was a blessing. My skin has never been better since, they know how to combat a break out or just give me a glow.I feel right at home and always walk out of the clinic a new women.

Thank you for taking such good care of me xx"





Catherine McNeil

“Melanie Grant is an expert for all things skin. Her non-invasive approach combined with pioneering technology and decades of expertise results in a

facial/treatment that’s second to none, when leaving I don’t only look incredible but I feel incredible and she is not only world class in her work, she has also become a true and trusted friend.

She works magic for me and there is no other place for me to visit than Melanie Grant, my saviour”





Lara Worthington

"I don’t wear much make-up unless I’m working or going out. It’s always been about having a great base and that’s it. I started seeing Melanie Grant at her clinic three years ago and she’s the only person I let touch my skin. Melanie Grant is my go-to for great skin."





Natasha Liu Bordizzo

"Melanie's gorgeous, calming clinic is always one of my first destinations when touching down in Sydney. She has cultivated a space which really does have the whole package: world-class technology, utter professionalism and most of all, results that speak for themselves. Her team has completely re-worked my skin regime for the better! They are second-to-none!"






Madison Stubbington

"Before seeing Melanie Grant I had little knowledge as to what products my skin needed. After a single session at Melanie’s clinic I not only left with the most incredibly clean skin, but a whole new outlook on my skin regime. Melanie and her team are well-versed in what they do, so I know all my skincare questions and needs will be well and truly taken care."





Fernanda Ly

"There is no such thing as a magical skincare product. The hands of Melanie Grant and the girls at MELANIE GRANT, however, are perhaps the next best thing. Their expertise in knowledge and employment of actual procedures is incomparable to anyone else - New York City included. When home in Sydney, Melanie is my definite go-to for any and everything skincare related."





Christine Centenera

"I don’t have any real skin tricks. I guess it would have to be my weekly Radiance Facials with Melanie. I really miss my treatments with Mel when I’m away from home."





Nicole Trunfio

“When I’m in Australia I rely only on Melanie to look after my skin. My makeup artist I’ve used since I was 16 has said she’s never seen my skin look better.”





Delta Goodrem

“I’ve tried so many different ways to improve my skin and in meeting Melanie, I feel so thankful to be on the right path, as every time i see her my skin improves immediately. She understands the individual’s skin type and understands what will truly work best for you personally. I always look forward and love going to see her! Melanie’s clinic is a divine oasis, just as she is a divine spirit.”





Jessica Gomes

“Mel makes my day! Her clinic is such a beautiful and private space and Melanie makes everyone feel welcomed and special. Her knowledge for skincare is exceptional and my skin has never been better.

In her hands I look younger, brighter, more even toned and my skin just glows. She always gets me photo shoot and runway ready!

Not only is she an expert at everything skin, Melanie has great style, a beautiful personality and wise beyond her years. I just love my time with the girls at Melanie Grant and I always leave beaming with a huge smile from the inside out!”





Hannah Holman

“Melanie in Sydney is one of the best. I visit her all the time and always notice an improvement in my complexion. I love the team there. I also swear by her facial massages for a real glow.”





Rebecca Gibney

“Melanie is not only incredibly skilled at what she does but she also has all the latest technologies for improving skin quality without having to go to extremes.

She is passionate about skin care and genuinely cares about her clients. Her knowledge is extraordinary and I am learning so much about the science of skin care.

I have always had areas of concern but under Mel’s guidance I am seeing such amazing results - she really has managed to slow down the clock and my skin has never looked so good!

I can’t recommend Melanie enough.”





Jessica Mauboy

“Melanie and the girls always know whats best for my skin. My skin is glowing after every visit … she’s the best in the business.”





Margaret Zhang

“Melanie is the Queen of facials, she’s kind of amazing.”




Sara Donaldson

“In recent times my skin has seen the impact of stress, hormonal imbalance, excess travel and dietary sensitivities. Thank goodness for Melanie Grant and the team who have helped my skin get back on track through the use of treatments, getting me onto the right products for my skin as well as general advice on diet. Having guidance that’s across all aspects, both external and internal and in the clinic as well as at home, shows that they aren’t just about reacting to issues already present but are invested in preventing them to begin with.”





Paula Joye

“Melanie is the single best thing I’ve done for my skin because she’s all about non-invasive, glow inducing, texture-refining treatments and simple, effective home care.”





Romy Frydman

“I can’t live without Melanie Grant. They say she’s the beauty whisperer, I think she’s pure genius.”





Monique Wright

"If you are looking for Australia’s best skin specialist.. look no further!  If you want your skin to be the best it possibly can, then get set to be amazed by what she can achieve. If I haven’t convinced you yet…

I recently had a bad accident resulting in a large scar on my face. Not the best accident for anyone, and with the added complication of being a television host where the scar had every possibility of being a distraction in my work, I was concerned… Melanie set about getting me the best possible result with non invasive treatments.  She researched the right products to use and lovingly and carefully has worked to improve my scar immeasurably.  In the process, the rest of my skin has experienced quite a transformation as well.  I wouldn’t even have known what a “refined pore” was before visiting Melanie, now I’m further to achieving this end!  I don’t know what she has done, but my skin is more even, clearer and just looks better!  Quite unexpectedly, this has also eased the considerable pain of the injury. What a silver lining!

Quite aside from her expertise, visiting Melanie  is always a joy.  She has the unique ability to make everyone feel special and has the most wonderful demeanour and personality.  She is gentle and funny, kind, efficient and one of life’s great people.  Melanie and her team are truly heaven sent.  You won’t regret making an appointment and I recommend her without hesitation."




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