Grazia Bellezza · The Secret of Longevity

Reverse the direction of time and rejuvenate skin cells. This is the new challenge of cosmetic laboratories which, inspired by the latest scientific studies, create formulas to allow the skin to continue to be reborn. Grazia has chosen four top autumn news for a face full of vitality by Michele Mere Philipp Jeleneka. In Silicon […]

Professional Beauty July-August 2023 · Melanie Grant’s Midas Skincare Touch

This go-to skincare specialist and author is renowned across the globe for her tailored made facials. She reveals to Anita Quade the top trends and her synergy with high-end formulations. Welcome back from your whirlwind travels for Chanel fashion week recently – can you let us in on any skincare trends you have noticed? “SLUGGING […]

Beauty Crew · The top skin care brands that are loved around the world

If you’re anything like us, you’re borderline obsessed with skin care. Okay, fine, *full on* obsessed. Good skin is everything. Makeup goes on smoother. It glows all on its own (yep, without the need for illuminator!). And it gives your confidence a huge boost. And let’s not forget that great skin makes us look younger, more well-rested […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · Is face taping the answer to pain-free Botox?

In a quest for smoother skin, it’s hard to differentiate between a fad and effective treatment. Especially when an at-home, pain-free option is on the cards.By Bailey Petts EVERY SO OFTEN, amidst the torrential rain of new beauty trends, there are at-home treatments that not only look simple, but seem to propose metamorphic capabilities. It’s hard […]

PRIMER · How Perfect Skin Became A Status Symbol

Endlessly entertaining gifs and memes aside, one of Succession’s lasting legacies is that it helped usher in an era of ‘quiet luxury’. Quiet luxury is low-key affluence that still speaks volumes – but only to those in the know. It is the plain black baseball cap that Kendall Roy wears in Succession that can be bought for $USD625 […]