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My focus is the complete experience. To unite the old school wisdom and savoir-faire of beauty with the latest in clinical know-how and results.

This is clinical beauty. The best of both worlds.

Welcome to Melanie Grant.


Melanie Grant Studios

Since the launch of MELANIE GRANT in 2012, we have established boutique skin studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles, accompanied by an ever-expanding client list internationally through private appointments and seasonal residencies in Paris. We aim to deliver a complete and world-class experience and we’re honoured to be trusted with your skin health.

Melanie Grant Treatments

Skin Health à la carte

Our work at Melanie Grant is grounded in the idea of Clinical Beauty. This is how we combine different therapies – old and new – with clinical products, modalities and procedures for an amazing experience that delivers true results.

Melanie Grant Skincare Edit


Our entire product repertoire is available to you 24/7 via our online boutique

Here, we house some of the very best in innovative, cult, tried and true skincare hand selected by Melanie from all over the world. We are proud to offer complimentary local shipping on all orders over $300, gift wrapping at your request and have qualified Therapists to answer any questions you may have.

We’re happy to offer curbside pick up from our studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles. Simply phone your preferred studio ahead and one of our Therapists will have your order ready to collect.

As always, whether it’s a question about your morning cleanser, a product recommendation for brightening or advice on the steps for your home regime, we’re happy to assist in any way we can.

Melanie Grant At Home

Facial Kits

Bespoke Treatment Kits are now available for your very own use at home. These unique care packs include a detailed treatment protocol designed for your skin needs, drawing entirely from custom Melanie Grant Backbar. You will now able to carry out a comprehensive Skin Health facial from the comfort of your own home.

Home Treatment Kits can also be used in conjunction with an online consult with a Senior Therapist via phone or video. Please reach out to us directly at and we will do our very best to accommodate your preferred days and times with an appointment.

So They Say

The nearly blinding glow that’s become her calling card isn’t only due to the treatments, which emphasize novel if not tried-and-tested technologies, but also stem from her inside-out approach to complexion care.

Vogue US

IN THE WORLD OF BEAUTY Melanie Grant is one of those go-to specialists whose signature facials and treatments achieve the kind of luminous results that go hand in hand with a good boost of inner confidence.

Moda Familia

IF WHALE MUSIC AND THE flitter-flutter of a therapist’s fingers sounds like the most blissful way to experience a facial, move along, honey —there’s nothing to see at Melanie Grant’s chic Double Bay salon. Don’t let the glam white decor and calming vibe lull you into a false sense of Zen — once you enter a treatment room, prepare to accept that Grant’s not leaving a single pore unturned.

Harpers Bazaar

WITH HER CLIENTS DESCRIBING HER as “my saviour” (Catherine McNeil) and “the only person I let touch my face” (Nicole Warne), it’s enough to make a facialist blush – but no doubt Grant has a treatment for that, too.

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Three things we love – enzymes, ultrasound and light therapy – get rolled into one power facial that works best as part of a series of treatments. Your skin will appear as though it’s lit from underneath the surface.

Vogue USHydrating Glow Facial

If Coco Chanel is the grandmother of fashion, then Melanie is the wise, cool older cousin of beauty. When she speaks, we listen. When she stocks a product in her practise, we lather it lovingly on our faces. Ily, Melanie!

The File

Booking in for a treatment with Melanie Grant is like shopping in a designer boutique; this is a luxury experience as far as facials go. Her eponymous high-end salons in Sydney, Melbourne, and a tri-annual residency in Paris, have filled a space that sits somewhere in-between a high-tech skin clinic and traditional beauty salon. Melanie is notorious for her knowledge of what’s at the forefront of beauty innovation, and is forever reinventing her treatments.

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