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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Every treatment I have with Melanie she imprints her great depth of knowledge about skin health and well-being on me. I leave her iconically beautiful spaces feeling fresh faced, restored and that I have just spent

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Zoe Foster Blake

“Mel is a cherished member of my beauty army. She is incredibly up to date on the latest products and procedures, but at the core has a very simple, elegant philosophy about looking after your skin,

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Rose Byrne

It’s become increasingly hard, but I try to get a facial with Melanie Grant whenever I can. She’s the best.

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Georgia Fowler Harper's BAZAAR

Georgia Fowler

“Though I don’t often have time, I love a skin treatment – hydrating and oxygen facials are the best! Melanie Grant in Sydney is my go-to whenever I have some spare time.”  

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Lena Perminova

“This woman truly changed my life! My skin has never felt and looked so good! Melanie’s treatments include red light therapy, purifying masks, face massages and so much more – it’s very impressive. The treatments are

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