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Notes On… Layering Skincare

You may (think you) have your skincare routine down pat. Cleanse, exfoliate, serum, oil…and so on. But, there is more to it than merely the sequence of application. I often meet with clients who are (incidentally, or sometimes on purpose) essentially giving themselves the equivalent of a chemical peel each and every evening by combining […]

Notes On…Vitamin A

Retinol, retinoids and retinal are all derivatives of Vitamin A at different stages within their molecular structure. It can be hard to make sense of  Each variant is eventually converted to retinoic acid, the final product that has powerful skin-changing capabilities. The beauty of Vitamin A is that it encourages rapid skin cell turnover, which ultimately […]

Notes On… Vitamin C

An antioxidant serum is a non-negotiable in every skincare routine, regardless of age, concern or skintype – and an antioxidant serum that is high in Vitamin C is often the best choice for many skin concerns. Vitamin C is one of my all-time favourite skin heroes…a miracle ingredient that is as effective in your juice […]