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Get The Skin · About Face: Melanie Grant

One of the most in-demand facialists in the world, Melanie Grant is the real deal. Always ahead of her time, this Aussie esthetician has been in the skincare industry since before she could remember, and let’s make one thing clear: this isn’t something she fell into. Grant’s hard work, pure talent, and charming personality all contributed […]

Julia Restoin Roitfeld · A Moment With: Melanie Grant

The Australian esthetician with studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and a residency in Paris is responsible for some of our favorite girl’s glow (Nicole Warne, Victoria Beckham, Phoebe Tonkin and many more). Melanie shares her essential beauty bits, minimalist style tips, upcoming projects, and what less is more means to her. Read more…

Victoria Beckham Beauty· Skin Pro Melanie Grant’s Healthy Skin Barrier Tips

Victoria’s favourite facialist’s skin barrier-protecting routine is all you need. “Think of your skin’s barrier like a shield—it locks out bacteria and pathogens and locks in hydration and moisture. Symptoms such as dry skin, itchiness, redness, sensitivity are all signs of an impaired barrier. If you’re experiencing any of these, put down your harsh actives […]

10 Magazine· Ten talks to Melanie Grant Chanel Skin Expert

We love a good glow and for that we swear by Chanel’s Hydra Beauty range. Now, Chanel are introducing a new star in the lineup: Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate, a gentle exfoliating hydration with AHAs ready to reset our routine. We went to Melanie Grant, Chanel Skin Expert, to experience the new serum as part […]

VOGUE · Road Test

They say you should come into the new year the way you want to spend the rest of it. For me, this meant lots of champagne and a dance with a (very small, Covid-safe) group of friends. It also meant freshly-facialled skin. Getting a facial on December 31 might not be every person’s idea of […]

Gourmet Traveller · Business Class with Melanie Grant

Where do you travel regularly for work? “Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. I love these cities, so I feel very lucky.” How often are you away? “I travel to Melbourne weekly from Sydney. I’m overseas four or five times a year.” Suitcase of choice? “Samsonite, the really lightweight ones – so I have more […]

Violet Grey · 5 Secrets For Boosting Collagen

UP THE ANTE WITH ANTIOXIDANTS The first rule of the Collagen Club is to retain, retain, retain. No matter how much damage has already been done, it’s never too late to start defending skin against the onslaught of daily environmental aggressors—pollutants, UV, chemicals, and the like. The easiest way to do that is to go […]

ELLE US · Melanie Grant Is Victoria Beckham’s Facialist And Believes In The Triple Cleanse

An hour and a half experiencing Grant’s signature microdermabrasion, ultrasound, and light therapy treatments leaves no question as to why the iconic beauty brand tapped her. Grant’s technique of using multiple technologies (she uses even more advanced machinery at her salons in Melbourne and Sydney—she previously worked in the offices of plastic surgeons in Australia) along […]

VOGUE · 6 Skincare Products Hailey Bieber Actually Uses

In her new Facebook Watch web series with her husband, the model also revealed that while self-isolating, she has taken it upon herself to revamp the singer’s own skincare routine in order to address his breakouts, which he shared he trusts her to do. “Justin has really nice skin naturally, and over the last two years he’s […]