Harper’s BAZAAR · The Skinfluencer

Run a search on Melanie Grant and Google will tell you she’s the skin whisperer Jessica Gomes and Nicole Trunfio will fly home for. You’ll see holiday selfies of her in New York with devotee turned friend Lara Worthington. But when you meet Grant, 35-year-old celebrity facialist, you realise hype has little to do with […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · Forget Botox, Facial Massage Is The Next Frontier Of Anti-Ageing Science

“Synergistically, these factors work in harmony to brighten and firm skin while draining and moving any fluid around. The overall objective with facial massage is to lift skin and amplify the potency of your products, while reducing any excess fluid or puffiness and promoting collagen production.” What’s involved in a traditional facial massage? In traditional […]

BROADSHEET · Six Of The Best Melbourne Facials For Glowing Skin

The “celebrity-approved” facial Melanie Grant With a clientele including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian – and a recently-opened salon in Los Angeles – Mel Grant has earned fans for her “signature glow”. Stylist and blogger Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) describes Grant as the “only person I let touch my face”. Grant opened her first salon in […]

Sunday Life · This Week I Try…A Laser Facial

Pain factor  I cannot lie, the laser is really ouchy. Downtime Sixty minutes for the treatment. I was quite red and looked a little swollen for a couple of days after, so I used a tinted moisturiser to disguise the redness. Results  Once my skin settled down, the texture was finer and firmer and the […]

Violet Grey · Woman Made

For Aussie esthetician, Melanie Grant, beauty was always at the forefront for her career-wise. “I always knew I’d work in beauty, even as a little girl,” she says. “I’d read the beauty pages in glossy magazines next to pictures of the It nineties supermodels. I studied skin therapy straight out of school, earned my international […]

Broadsheet · Melanie Grant Takes Her Brand Of Aussie Beauty Stateside

Few facialists have built a roster of clients as impressive as Sydney’s Melanie Grant. Her exclusive regime – one that blends clinical techniques and modern methodology with a holistic approach to health – has earned fans from Sydney to Paris, and now, after breaking into the notoriously competitive French skincare game, she’s opened her first overseas […]

GLAMOUR · The 2019 GLAMOUR Beauty Awards

We’re moving past the notion that we need to fit into a misguided, stereotypical ideal or that a seven-step skin care routine is a frivolous time suck, and toward the standard that beauty is a form of expression, a way to highlight what sets us apart, and an effective tool to care for our bodies […]

Shape · Victoria Beckham’s Facialist Called Out A Skincare Mistake You’re Probably Making

Melanie Grant, facialist to the likes of Victoria Beckham and Phoebe Tonkin, wrote an Instagram post explaining why you’re better off with a minimalist skin-care regimen.  “The most effective skincare regimes are those that are the most simple,” according to Grant. Your skin “can only absorb so many products,” writes Grant, so if nothing else, an overzealous skin-care routine […]

Chronicles Of Her · This CHANEL-Approved Facial Saved My Skin

New year, new me, same skin goals. At this exact time each year, I find myself slamming the breaks on to reflect, recharge and recalibrate my mind and body for the year ahead. I love party season (I’m an Aquarian after all) – that is, until it spits me out at the other end feeling […]

Into The Gloss · The Sydney Beauty Tour

The woman behind Nicole Warne’s wedding glow, and basically the reason Australian actresses have such great skin. By popular demand, she is even bringing it to LA in 2019. I had a bespoke facial, designed to remove build up and debris (read: NY city air pollution). For me that meant gentle diamond microdermabrasion, a lactic acid peel […]