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Notes On Cosmelan and Dermamelan

What is it?

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are depigmentation treatments that combine the application of a professional peel in clinic with a follow up home care maintenance cream. They’re designed to target existing pigment inconsistencies like melasma, sun spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that occurs after blemishes or acne have resolved, while also reprogramming the way that the skin continues to produce and hold onto pigment going forward.

Why we recommend it?

Cosmelan is one of the most comprehensive treatments available when it comes to evening the skin’s tone. It works to break down existing pigment irregularities without the need for lasers or heat, which can often exacerbate the concern, particularly for hormonal pigments like Melasma.

Cosmelan uses a combination of Licorice Root, Kojic Acid, Vitamin A and Niacinamide among other patented actives to break apart pigment over several hours after an initial application in clinic with your Facialist. Over the next 7-10 days, this pigment is discarded by the skin through a process of peeling and shedding that makes way for clearer, more even-toned skin cells.

The second element to the treatment – the Cosmelan 2 home care cream – works to maintain results by preventing the melanin transfer from the deep dermis to the superficial layers of the skin where it would otherwise become visible again.

As this treatment is corrective in nature, and does require around a week of significant down time, it’s best to plan ahead and ideally carry it out during cooler months where prolonged sun exposure is not as much of a risk.

Expected Downtime 

Skin redness, temporary darkening of pigment, dehydration, tightness and flaking is to be expected after this treatment. You may experience the sensation of a sunburn, where the skin feels hot, itchy and very dry with significant peeling, flaking and shedding over a 7-14 day post treatment period.  

Once you have removed the initial Cosmelan or Dermamelan professional treatment, it is normal for the skin to be red and slightly irritated. You may also experience some mild swelling, and the skin can feel tight and uncomfortable. This is to be expected and should gradually resolve on its own over the post treatment period. The skin can feel tender for up to 10 days after treatment. 

The skin will start to peel after a few days, which is a natural reaction to Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments. It’s important to keep the skin hydrated, reapplying your recommended creams frequently throughout the day to keep the skin comforted. Do not touch, pick or peel at flaking skin, it will slough away on its own. As always, be diligent with your suncare and be mindful of your sun exposure, remaining consistent with your amended home regime only while carrying out your course of treatments. 

Recommended Treatments
Depending on the severity of the pigmentation 1-2 treatments, 6-8 weeks apart is usually recommended. An annual assessment will guide recommendations around future or maintenance treatments.