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Notes On LED Light Therapy Programme

What is it?

LED Light Therapy uses a variety of wavelengths of light – most commonly Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm – to stimulate cell renewal in the skin. It’s a safe, non-invasive and clinically-proven approach to promoting collagen and elastin, boosting circulation and hydration, reducing inflammation and accelerating wound healing. The benefits of Light Therapy are cumulative, so carrying these treatments out in close succession via the Light Therapy Programme enhances the potential results as well as providing complimentary support for other corrective services like lasers, collagen induction and peels.

Why we recommend it?

The LED Light Therapy Programme offers true, noticeable results both instantly and cumulatively with frequent application over the course of 10 treatments. It provides a non-invasive option to effectively treat and a myriad of concerns from fine lines and laxity to sensitivity and rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, dryness, mild pigment, dullness and devitalisation. Because LED supports healing and recovery at a cellular level, it’s a wonderful complement to more corrective treatments, like Collagen Induction Therapy, peels, SRA, Sublative and Picoway. LED Light Therapy promotes a stronger, more resilient and radiant complexion all without any discomfort or downtime, the best part being that results are cumulative, so the more the merrier.

Expected Downtime 

There is no associated downtime for LED treatments. You may experience some mild heat afterwards which should dissipate within half an hour. As always, be diligent with your suncare and be mindful of your sun exposure. 

Recommended Treatments 

Results are cumulative with light therapy, so booking your appointments in close succession will yield the best results. 2 treatments per week for the first 5 weeks is ideal or 1 per week for the first 10 if that is more manageable. From there, treatments can be continued on a weekly or monthly basis.