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Notes On Sublative

What is it?

Sublative is a proven corrective treatment designed to address moderate to severe acne scars, deeper set wrinkles, pigmented lesions, red and brown spots and textural irregularities. It does so by delivering fractionated bi-pilar radiofrequency energy directly into the upper dermis of the skin via an array of multi-electrode pins. The surface of the skin is then thermally ablated, allowing non-ablated areas to serve as a reservoir of cells that promote healing and rapid collagen production. This results in a complete re-texturising of the skin itself, as collagen accumulates and pads out scar tissue, laxity and deeper set wrinkles. There is some minor associated downtime with Sublative, so planning ahead is key. 

Why we recommend it?

Sublative is clinically proven to result in a more compact, better organised and “younger” dermal matrix, a homogenous epidermis and more even skin surface. These results are consistently dramatic in achieving a notable reduction in deeper set wrinkles, scarring and coarser skin texture by encouraging a regeneration of collagen and elastin that not only improves the skin’s appearance, but its functions. Sublative is praised for its ability to offer a significant and permanent change in the skin, particularly when it comes to scarring, with a minimal number of treatments. 

Expected Downtime
Sublative has an associated down time of around 7 days, where side effects are typically mild and may include temporary redness, itching, soreness, swelling, and skin peeling. Transient skin redness and swelling, as well as heat or tingling sensations may occur up to a few hours after the treatment, but normally do not last longer. 

A pink or red flush resembling a minor sunburn is common along with a fine grid stamped on the skin. Small scabs may also develop, usually 24-72 hours post-treatment and may remain for several days. Do not touch, pick or peel at flaking or scabbing skin, it will slough away on its own naturally between 5-14 days, though this process can be accelerated through in-Studio peels and LED Light Therapy. As always, be diligent with your suncare and be mindful of your sun exposure and do not use actives like retinol, AHAs or BHAs for 72 hours post treatment.

Recommended Treatments 

Many clients see results after 1 treatment; however, for the best results expect at least 3-4 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart is recommended. After the initial course of treatments one touch-up session may be needed every 6-12 months, according to your individual response.