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Notes on A Maximalist Skincare Regime

The most effective skincare regimes are those that are the most simple – though this doesn’t mean you have to suppress your maximalist tendencies. Just make sure you’re using them to your advantage. Yes, a maximalist and an effective skincare regime can co-exist harmoniously.

My number one tip for the maximalists amongst us: more is not always more. Be wary of layering different actives as this can have dire implications for skin – believe it or not, it is possible to unknowingly give yourself the equivalent of a chemical peel on a nightly basis (!). See my Notes On…Skincare Layering for more. And remember, your skin can only absorb so many products. At most, a skincare regime should consist of the following steps; cleanse, toner, mist or essence, serum, facial oil, moisturiser, blemish treatment (where needed) and of course sunscreen.

For many of us, skincare regimes offer an opportunity to indulge in a moment of ‘me time’, offering a moment to retreat from the day-to-day grind. If you like to indulge in skincare for as long and as frequently as possible, look to skin ‘boosters’ and treatments to fulfil your maximalist desires. Think: facial mists, professional and DIY facials, laser treatments, chemical peels and facial massage. These work wonders on skin while simultaneously fulfilling your desire for more.

If you’re constantly on the hunt for new products, switch up your regime from time to time. In fact, I actually recommend doing this – maximalist or not – as our skin needs change from season to season, hormonal fluctuations and lifestyle factors and oftentimes our skin builds up an immunity to certain products and ingredients, so it’s always preferable to keep it on its toes.

The best way to do this is to switch up your products seasonally or when travelling, however, don’t change your regime right before a special event such as your wedding. It’s important to note to though to determine the efficacy of a certain regime or product, you will need to allow around three months. I recommend capping changes to once every 3 months at most (unless, of course, you experience a negative reaction). Yes, permission to beauty shop to your heart’s content.