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Notes On…Eye Creams

Here are few reasons to consider an Eye Cream…

  • The skin around eyes is the thinnest skin on the entire body making it far more fragile.
  • Unlike the rest of our face there are virtually no oil glands in the eye area to keep the skin supple, making it far more prone to dryness.
  • Fine, delicate skin tends to be more reactive. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin anywhere else, it’s common for the eye area to become irritated when exposed to certain products or ingredients.
  • It’s the first area to show signs of aging: The skin around the eyes is under constant stress, with facial expressions, squinting and blinking (which we do as often as 30,000 times per day)!
    With thinner skin underneath the eyes, fluid retention appears more prominent resulting in puffiness.
  • The area is more prone to milia, tiny white bumps comprised of hardened keratin. They’re often triggered by the use of heavy creams.Invest in an eye cream if …
  • Your Face Cream Is Too Irritating to Use Around Your Eyes…Your face moisturiser may be a little too harsh and irritating. Ingredients such as fragrance, essential oils, aha’s, bha’s, vitamin C and retinol can be sensitising for your eye area.
  • The texture of your moisturiser is too light or too heavy… If you’re using a water based gel creme on your face, you may need a richer, more nourishing eye cream to plump and condition the eye area. Or vice versa, your moisturiser may be too rich for your eye area causing makeup to smudge, seeping into your eyes and causing irritation or causing millia. In this case reach for a gel based eye serum or cream.
  • You want to target fine lines, crepey skin and puffiness… Our face serums and creams, formulated with actives such as retinol, acids and vitamin C are often a little too harsh for the fragile eye area. Try a targeted eye cream with actives such as retinol formulated specifically for the eye area.In saying all of this – if you’re lucky enough to tolerate your serums, actives and moisturiser over the eye area without irritation and great results then you may not need an eye cream.