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Notes on Ferulic Acid

Ferulic acid is a potent antioxidant set to supercharge your skincare routine. This plant-derived antioxidant ingredient is most commonly found in a concentrated form in your serums and boosters. Along with being an amazing free radical-fighter, what I find most exciting about ferulic acid is its abilities to boost the efficacy of other ingredients.

What makes ferulic acid so special?
Our skin is constantly exposed to free radicals, which are generated from environmental factors like exposure to UV rays and pollution. These unstable molecules latch onto healthy cells and weaken them, accelerating the natural ageing process. Ferulic acid is an incredible antioxidant ingredient that helps to defend the skin against these unstable molecules, while also improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ferulic acid is also an ingredient that plays well with others and is often paired with vitamin C and Vitamin E – to help stabilise and boost their benefits.

How does Ferulic acid work?
Ferulic acid works particularly well with vitamin C. For all its incredible brightening abilities, vitamin C on its own can be a highly unstable ingredient. When combined with ferulic acid, its stability and shelf life is exponentially increased, as well as its absorption, meaning it can penetrate more deeply into the skin. This duo is also fantastic at adding another line of defense against sun damage, by layering antioxidants like ferulic acid and vitamin C serums underneath your SPF as another element of protection against UVA and UVB exposure.

Which Ferulic acid formula is right for me?
As with any formula, it’s best to search for ingredients that are compatible with your unique skin type. Ferulic acid is well tolerated by all skin types, so finding the right formula for you is more about ensuring that its ingredient pairings are also going to work for your skin type. Below are a few of our favourites.

If you’re concerned with dullness and devitalisation
Skinceuticals CE Ferulic is the gold standard of antioxidants. A leader in its class, this potent serum is formulated with an astounding 15% pure L-ascorbic Acid to promote collagen synthesis, unify skin tone, brighten and add radiance to the complexion while offering respite from free radical damage, UVA and UVB exposure, infrared radiation (IRA), and ozone pollution (O3). Once absorbed, this vitamin C serum remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours.

If you’re concerned with oiliness and congestion
Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel is a lightweight, non-comedogenic day serum that offers broad-spectrum protection against environmental stressors and free radical damage. Designed to target and brighten sun-induced and post-inflammatory pigment, it’s clinically proven to be well-tolerated by men post-shaving as well as sensitised skins who can flush with traditional iterations of vitamin C.

If you’re concerned with fine lines and laxity
Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide combines astaxanthin, superoxide dismutase and spin trap with 13 other potent antioxidants to offer the ultimate protection from oxidative stress, free radical damage, and environmental pollutants that can rapidly accelerate skin ageing. Peptide amino acids deeply condition the skin, dramatically improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles and giving the skin a healthful radiance.

If you’re concerned with pigment and tonal inconsistencies
Cosmedix Simply Brilliant offers intense antioxidant protection while addressing existing signs of post-inflammatory pigment, photo-ageing, and discoloration without the use of hydroquinone and arbutin. Instead, it calls on botanical brightening properties to gently fade pigment for a more consistent tone, while AHAs and BHAs refine and retexture the complexion.

If you’re concerned with scarring and coarse texture
Skinceuticals Silymarin CF is a potent vitamin C antioxidant serum formulated for oily and acne-prone skin types. With a powerful antioxidant blend combined with salicylic acid, it offers potent protection against free radical damage to minimise the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and coarseness while balancing oil production and refining the texture of the skin.