Notes on Ingestible Beauty

Ingestible beauty is having a moment in the beauty industry. While there isn’t a quick fix supplement that will deliver miracle results simply by taking it but when used correctly in conjunction with a healthy diet they can yield great results.

Which ingredients should I look for?
Ingestible beauty goes beyond the skin’s surface to create change at a cellular level. Collagen is one of the most proven to work supplements, especially as we age we naturally loose collagen so boosting our supply with a supplement can see tangible results. When you take a collagen supplement, the collagen enters your digestive system and is distributed throughout your whole body, in particular to your dermis (the layer of skin below the epidermis) where it can remain for up to 14 days.

As a growing amount of research comes to light about the links between gut health and beauty, many ingestible beauty products now present themselves as well-being all-rounders by using pre- or probiotics to support the gut-skin microbiome balance. Likewise, your beauty supplement may very well come with a stress-busting side of ashwagandha or magnesium to lower your cortisol levels while it’s at it. Antioxidants are also incredibly beneficial for boosting collagen synthesis, reducing inflammation and shielding against free radical damage – look for immune-boosting Vitamin C and energising Vitamin B.

How do I incorporate ingestible beauty formulas into my regime?
Ingestible beauty, for all its benefits, should be considered a complement to your existing skincare and wellness routine – a part of a holistic approach to overall skin, hair, nail and body wellness. No capsule or multivitamin on its own can substitute a nutritious diet when it comes to radiant skin and overall health, but they can be incredibly useful – and delicious – tools to boost your results when integrated into a healthy daily ritual. It’s important to ensure you are eating a healthy balanced diet full of anti-inflammatory ingredients, incorporating supplements when you feel your body is lacking something. You should always consult your doctor to first understand what your body is missing, to confirm any deficiencies to ensure you are taking the right supplement and not wasting your money.