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Notes On Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50

A cult favourite product hailed as a ‘facial in a bottle’, Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 is a highly efficacious and unique low pH acid-toner. Famed for its interesting (read, not the nicest) smell and its cult French pharmacy status, P50 has become a staple in mine and many other bathroom vanities thanks to its no-nonsense and effective treatment of skin. 

Formulated with a combination of AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs along with hydrators, botanical, mineral and vitamin extracts to balance and fortify the complexion, P50 packs a punch. These acids work synergistically to gently exfoliate and break down dead skin cells while also giving rise to healthy new cells. The P50 formula also regulates excess sebum production, moisturises and aids in the maintenance of the epidermis’ acidic pH. This is what makes it so effective as it’s a complete formula, not just an exfoliator.

There are four incredible variants of Lotion P50 each specifically formulated for a different skin type and designed to unify the complexion, promote radiance and improve the penetration and efficacy of the products to follow.  

Lotion P50 is the strongest and purest iteration in the P50 collection. This formulation has the highest level of BHAs and the lowest pH out of all of the formulas meaning it offers the skin a deeper exfoliation. It also contains sulphur which is great to prevent and treat any fungal overgrowth making it perfect for those with thicker, oily or congestion complexions but it’s also great for those with balanced skin. 

Lotion P50W is a gentler variation formulated for finer, sensitive skins and those prone to redness. It’s a washable formula designed to be rinsed off the skin however I suggest to my clients to apply using a dampened cotton round and leaving it on the skin. This formula has a slightly higher pH and dose of lactic acid for more gentle exfoliation, it also contains arnica and other botanicals that reduce redness and inflammation. 

Lotion P50V is a vitamin-enriched formulation that contains additional toning, plumping and line smoothing active ingredients. It contains walnut extracts to boost collagen, sponge extracts to smooth fine lines and PHAs to boost hydration and moisture within the skin whilst gently exfoliating. This variant is best suited for mature or devitalised skins in need of a boost.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is an ultra-gentle formulation designed for people who have a genetically thinner epidermis so those with thin or fair skin. It’s also great for compromised or sensitive skins and those experiencing sun-induced or hormonal pigment inconsistencies. It contains wasabi extract to brighten and suppress melanin production to reduce uneven skin tone and pigmentation spots. 

In the US and Russia, there are two additional P50 Lotion variations, Lotion P50 1970 and Lotion P50V 1970. These are the strongest iterations in the P50 collection however they are unavailable in certain markets due to their ingredient profile.

How to incorporate Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 into your routine

Lotion P50 should be the second step in your evening routine, following your cleanser. When using Lotion P50 for the first time start by using it every second night applying it directly onto a dampened cotton round to dilute the potency before pressing it gently into the skin. Apply with pressing movements and avoid wiping and rubbing the lotion into the skin, and hold the lotion in static over the nose or areas of blackheads or congestion. If your skin allows, work your way up to using it every night with a dry cotton round.

Key Benefits

✔️Regulates oil production 

✔️Purifies and clears debris from pores 

✔️Prevents lipid oxidation within the pore (blackheads) 

✔️Gently lifts and sweeps away dead cells 

✔️Balances the surface pH of the skin

✔️Improves the quality and fortifies the epidermis 

✔️Unifies the complexion 

✔️Allows for better light reflection off of the skin’s surface (promotes radiance) 

✔️Improves the penetration and efficacy of the following products used after