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Notes on Masking

I mask at home at least twice a week, usually in the bath with a hair treatment in, along with a gin and tonic (served by my husband if I’m lucky!) Whether your looking for instant hydration, brightening or detoxifying your lymphatic system, masks are an essential component of every good skin-care regime.
There are cream masks, clay masks, sleep masks, sheet masks, enzyme masks and peels.
Cream masks can be applied neat, targeted to specific areas, mixed together or layered underneath a sheet mask.
Clay masks and peels should be used alone. You can apply a sheet or cream mask after rinsing the peel or clay mask.

Sleep masks are applied and left overnight to intensely repair and rejuvenate the skin.
Target specific zones by painting different masks onto individual areas of the face. You might apply a clay mask to my nose and chin, a brightening mask to the rest of your face and a firming, hydrating mask over your neck and décolletage. Or you can keep it super simple and just stick to one mask. The options are endless.
There are masks for detoxifying, brightening, hydrating, refining, plumping, toning, exfoliating, calming and moisturising the skin. The list is endless.

Masks are super easy to include in your regime. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin and then apply your mask for the specified time. Remove with a warm washcloth and finish with your favourite serums and moisturiser.

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