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Notes on Mists

While they’re not an essential step in the skincare routine, I’m such a fan, misting is how we finish all of our treatments in my studios! A relaxing sensory experience that calms, soothes and nourishes the uppermost layer of our skin. With just a spritz or two, the humble facial mist can deliver a serious hydration hit along with a host of other specialised benefits from pollution protection to anti-inflammation and illumination.

Personally, I love using mists in winter when there’s less humidity in the air and we’re exposed to the drying effects of indoor heating and hotter bathing temperatures. I’ll also have one within arm’s reach throughout summer, too, for a pick-me-up at work or instant invigoration after long days at the beach.

There are so many different types of mists to choose from, most are either a thermal mist (water with a high mineral content) or humectant mist (moisture-retaining). It’s important to know the difference between the two and how it fits into your regime.

Thermal mists are a great way to hydrate and refresh the skin on a hot day, post a workout or during long-haul travel. Humectant mists on the other hand are best used as a part of your skincare routine for a more targeted approach. Humectant mists hydrate and add extra emollients into the skin, allowing your skin to better absorb any actives that follow. Simply spritz the face post cleansing and before applying your serum or between skincare layering and makeup to prime the base.