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Notes On…Biologique Recherche Cleansers

In the morning I like to reach for a gentle cleanser to remove any oil, sweat, and debris from my skin or leftover product from the night before. By doing this I’m preparing my skin to best receive my serums and hydrators.

For the evening I’m an avid believer in a double cleanse. The first cleanse will remove make-up, oil, sunscreen and debris. The second will cleanse the skin of all remaining residue, and better prime it for a more effective application of my actives, oils and night creme.

The Biologique Recherche cleansing range is formulated to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and impurities without stripping the skin, along with maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Lait VIPO2
“Antipollution” cleanser – most active of three cleansers ✔️
Cellular Oligopeptides, Vitamins A, E and F✔️
Combats impurities, calms, brightens and energises by drawing oxygen molecules into the skin✔️
Ideal for dull, lacklustre, congested skins, those who live and work in urban environments, frequent travellers, smokers✔️

Lait U
Nourishing Sweet Almond and Hazelnut Oils – most gentle of the three cleansers✔️
Silky, emollient cream-cleanser suitable for those prone to inflammatory skin conditions, general sensitivity, redness, rosacea and acne✔️
Great makeup remover✔️
Simply remove with tepid water✔️

Lait EV
A vitamin-enriched cleanser ideal for dehydrated skins, dullness and devitalisation ✔️
Most nourishing of three cleansers✔️
Amniotic Fluid Compounds, Vitamins A, E and K✔️
Great makeup remover✔️
Simply remove with tepid water✔️