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Notes on Skin Care for Busy Mamma’s

I always recommend multitasking or dual purpose products for busy mamma’s. Try an exfoliating cleanser like Cosmetic Purity Clean. I like to use this in the evening, and once or twice a week apply it as a mask to give myself a mini peel at home. A moisturising sunscreen is great. You’ll never skip a day-cream/moisturiser, so if you have a broad spectrum SPF built in you’re guaranteed not to skip on sunscreen. I also love to use a brightening antioxidant serum. This lightens pigment and brightens my tone as well as protect my skin from harmful free radicals. Try Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum.

For night time a refining moisturiser with retinol, such as Cosmedix X-age to promote collagen and treat fine lies, pores and laxity at then same time as restoring hydration. At the moment my favourite multi-purpose product by far would have to be P50 lotion by Biologique Recherche. This is an exfoliating water that deep cleans, exfoliates, refines, brightens, balances PH and hydrates in one swipe of a cotton pad. This is your facial in a bottle. Don’t forget to eat well, sleep where possible (easy for me to say, my monkeys are almost in high school!) And avoid stress!! Also red wine is loaded with resveratrol and great for one’s complexion. Ha! 🍷🙊