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Notes on Skincare in our 30s

Our 20s were all about a preventive approach, creating good habits to prep our skin for our 30s. This decade calls for a few more supercharged ingredients and once optional steps in a regime become essential. 

Our 30s require a targeted and corrective approach, focusing on healing the skin of any conditions that you may be left with from the decades prior such as acne scarring or pigmentation while continuing to prevent and protect the skin from external damage. This is also the decade where we really start to see the first signs of ageing as the rate at which our skin cells regenerate slows down as does the production of collagen and elastin, the key proteins that give our skin strength and structure. Lifestyle choices made in the 20s, like too much alcohol, smoking, stress and a lack of sleep can all start to take a real toll on the skin, exacerbating signs of ageing and depleting the complexion of moisture so it’s important to be more considerate of our health and lifestyle choices.

Each complexion is so unique and requires an individual approach depending on your skin type and skin concerns. It’s important to note that the condition of our skin and its needs will differ from those you experienced in your 20s, so products that once worked wonders for your skin might not deliver the same results they once did. As you step into this new decade it’s a great time to reassess your skin, update your routine and introduce a few more elements to your toolkit like clinical treatments.

A basic 30s morning routine

In the morning
Step 1 Cleanser suited to your skin type
Step 2  Antioxidant serum
Step 3 Eye cream
Step 4 Moisturiser
Step 5 SPF50

In the evening
Step 1 Oil cleanser or balm
Step 2 Second cleanser suited to your skin type
Step 3 Hydrating serum
Step 4 Retinol serum
Step 5 Eye cream
Step 6 Night cream
Step 7 Face oil (optional)

Updating your routine

Eye treatment
An eye cream is a non-negotiable for the 30s, it’s vital in hydrating, plumping and preventing signs of ageing in the eye area. The skin surrounding the eye is thinner and more delicate than on the rest of the face and our regular serums and moisturisers can be too harsh for treating this area so a specialised cream is very much required.  

Our regular serums and moisturisers can be too harsh for this delicate skin so a cream or serum specifically formulated for the eye contour is very important. Introduce an eye treatment both morning and night to both address any fine lines and prevent new ones from forming.

A hydrating serum is another key product to introduce into your routine if you’re not already using one. Our complexions start to lose moisture as you age so a hydrating serum can help to boost and replenish the skin. As can adding in a richer cream and face oil to lock in moisture.  

Incorporate a low dose retinol as a preventative measure against fine lines and signs of ageing. Retinol is a very active ingredient so it’s best to start with a low dose every few nights, increasing slowly over time.

Things to continue

Double Cleansing
Use a gentle cleanser that will work to support the skin’s natural barrier function, rather than disrupting it. If your skin feels tight or dry after cleansing, the product you’re using is most likely too harsh or stripping for your skin. If you’re not already, I recommend double cleansing as the first step in your daily evening routine. First, use an oil or balm to remove makeup and SPF and then follow with something more active that works into a light lather to deep clean the pores. 

An antioxidant serum is still a hero ingredient in your 30s and should remain as your morning serum to protect your skin from free radical damage. I love a vitamin C serum, with daily use this powerhouse ingredient will brighten the skin, break up pigmentation, and add another layer of antioxidant protection.

SPF 50+
As important as ever, SPF 50+ is absolutely non-negotiable! Sun damage is the most notable cause of accelerated ageing and with a simple daily application a highly preventable one. Apply daily no matter the weather and your skin will thank you for years to come.

Ensure you are regularly exfoliating (2-3 times a week) to promote cell turnover for a more radiant and youthful complexion.