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Notes on the effects of sleeping in your makeup

In the long term…

The effects are premature ageing due to the breakdown in collagen from environmental pollutants left on the skin. This can also result in coarse skin texture, fine lines, and general skin laxity, wrinkles where they shouldn’t be and zero glow factor.
So before you go to bed always, always cleanse your skin: not once, but twice. The first cleanse will remove make-up, oil and debris in the upper most layer. The second will clean the skin of all remaining residue, and better prime it for more effective application of serums and hydrators. If you’re wearing stubborn make-up, like liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara, use a targeted eye make-up remover first. If Eye make-up such as mascara is left on overnight, your eyes may become irritated or sensitised and eye lashes can become brittle and damaged.

To ensure a clear, clean and radiant canvas for a flawless makeup application try cleansing first with an oil cleanser ( @cosmedix_ Purity Solution ) followed by an AHA cleanser ( @biologique_recherche Lait VIP) if you’re super busy, tired or lazy then a swipe of @biodermaaustralia micellar water is a great option. MG x