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Beauticate · A Celebrity Facialist Schools Us In Winter Skincare

As we transition into colder weather, “the drop in humidity and cold temperatures combined with heating and hot showers can lead to drier skin. Our skin also produces less oil in winter, contributing to dryness and dehydration. Your skin becomes more sensitive in winter due to the decrease in it’s oil production”, Melanie Grant, skin-whisperer of the stars, says.

Melanie assures us there are simple steps we can all take towards preventing dry and flakey skin. Her first piece of advice: “Always adjust your regime according to the season. For the cooler months swap your gel cleanser for a more nourishing oil or milk cleanser. Trade lightweight gels and lotions for richer more occlusive creams to seal the skin and lock the moisture in.” We recommend leaving your skin radiant and moisturised with the cleansers from Chanel’s new Cleansing Collection. It’s not only about having the right products, it’s how you use them. “Layer hydrating serums and nourishing face oils under your moisturiser and decrease the strength of your actives such as aha’s and retinoids.”

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