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Body and Soul· I take back what I said about Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader, whether or not you’re a beauty buff, you’ve likely heard of the name or recognised the blue bottle on the shelves of big name skincare experts and enthusiasts from Joanna Czech, Cassandra Grey, Victoria Beckham and our own Melanie Grant. It’s even been voted ‘the greatest skincare of all time’.

Back in 2019 when the buzzy skincare brand was solely focused on creams – the original: The Cream, a thicker iteration: The Rich Cream and a body version: The Body Cream, I wrote about how I couldn’t get my head around The Rich Cream and it’s $450 price tag (it’s since dropped to between $120 and $405 depending on formulation and size). I even went as far to say no product is worth that amount and you’d be better off spending that money on a treatment – which I still do kind of agree with.

BUT I do take back what I said…

Recently I visited Melanie Grant’s Sydney studio to experience Augustinus Bader The Facial, and to meet The Rich Cream 2.0, an upgrade on the original – along with new additions to the range including a cleansing gel, cleansing balm and face oil.

After my treatment, my skin was immediately soft, smooth and bouncy but what followed is the crux of why I take back what I said in September 2019. I gave The Rich Cream $120 for 15ml, at Skincare Edit another shot. Aside from cleansing in the PM, I quit using all of my other products and focused my attention on AB.

Within the first week my complexion was brighter, lines seemed to soften and a few breakouts appeared – perhaps my skin was purging and adjusting? Four weeks later and I haven’t had to reach for any of my old faithfuls. The breakouts subsided, my skin is super hydrated and my complexion is I’m going to say it: glowy.

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