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Chronicles Of Her · This CHANEL-Approved Facial Saved My Skin

New year, new me, same skin goals.

At this exact time each year, I find myself slamming the breaks on to reflect, recharge and recalibrate my mind and body for the year ahead.

I love party season (I’m an Aquarian after all) – that is, until it spits me out at the other end feeling exhausted, lacklustre, and far from the ‘me’ I want to be in the new year.

For me, my skin plays a big part in this. Of course, exercise and gallons of water with greens powder helps to start turning things around, but in times like these (i.e. holidays, fashion weeks, or generally stressful periods with too many looming deadlines), I call in the help of the best in the business to kick start the process of getting back on track.

Enter CHANEL’s official skin expert for Australia, Melanie Grant – who I’ve been seeing on and off for a few years now in desperate times of *skin* need. Why? It’s an investment that yields an immediate payoff. My skin never looks better than when I’m visiting Melanie’s studio in Sydney once a month.

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