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DORÉ · Four things to copy from your facialist

After the last two years of cute events like lockdowns and Covid-iso we may have gotten reasonably adept at our DIY aesthetician skills, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t ditch the YouTube and TikTok videos as soon as things opened up.

It’s not just the sensorial experience of getting a facial somewhere other than your bathroom either. It’s the little things: the lighting, the mood, the hot towels, the massage, the snuggly bed-and-robe combo and the way they tuck you in like you’re going to sleep. But it’s also the details of what they do (which is, probably why they’re the experts and all). Most of the time we’re too blissed out (read: asleep) to notice those little magic steps they add to their facials that give your skin the kind of dewy, plumped, glowiness that makes you want to take compulsive selfies.

So, rather than insist you stay awake through a whole facial (we would never!), instead we spoke to some of the best hands in the business (who conveniently work on some of the most covetable skin in the business) who have graciously offered up their must-do’s so that maybe they’ll become your everyday should-do’s.

Double Cleansing:
Yes we know it takes twice as long, but there’s a good reason every facial you have spends quality time on the clean. Melanie Grant, Facialist and Founder Melanie Grant Skin Health and says it’s a non-negotiable night-time step for her because it ensures you’ve removed everything from the day including makeup, sunscreen and any sweat/dirt/grime/pollution you’ve acquired.

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