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ELLE · The Anti-Ageing Treatments The Pros (Really) Recommend

Melanie Grant, founder of Melanie Grant Skin Health ( on the top treatments to fade pigmentation.


“I suggest purchasing a potent brightening serum such as ASAP Vitamin Super C Serum along with a high-quality broad spectrum SPF 50+ face cream—I like Actinica. Layer the serum underneath the 50+ day cream. This will not only brighten your skin and reduce pigment it will also prevent any further damage to your skin.”


“A brightening peel will gently remove the uppermost layer of the skin, resulting in a fresher, brighter appearance.” Try Grant’s own Express Brightening Facial.


“An IPL treatment will reduce sun spots, age spots and freckles along with capillaries and diffuse redness. This is a great treatment for those with mild sun damage; it really evens out and unifies the skin tone.”


“With this budget I’d suggest a course of three Fraxel laser treatments. Especially great for those with severe sun damage and coarse skin texture. This treatment will remove the pigment as well as refine the texture of the skin, resulting in a brighter more even complexion and smaller pores with reduced fine lines.”

BOTTOM LINE: There’s a pigmentation treatment for each budget—but don’t forget preventing new damage is key.