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ELLE US · Melanie Grant Is Victoria Beckham’s Facialist And Believes In The Triple Cleanse

An hour and a half experiencing Grant’s signature microdermabrasion, ultrasound, and light therapy treatments leaves no question as to why the iconic beauty brand tapped her. Grant’s technique of using multiple technologies (she uses even more advanced machinery at her salons in Melbourne and Sydney—she previously worked in the offices of plastic surgeons in Australia) along with very firm massage, leaves her A-listers completely sculpted and glowing. Grant, whose own skin is so clear and bright she looks like she’s wearing foundation when she’s not, started to grow her international fan base when her treatments spread by word of mouth at Paris fashion week four years ago. Today, she now has more than 55 thousand followers on Instagram and four international studios, and she is currently on the hunt for her New York location. We caught up with the Grant in Los Angeles last week during the celebration of another new Aussie Chanel hire, Margot Robbie for Gabrielle Chanel Essence Eau de Pafrum, and asked the esthetician for her skin care secrets including her three-part cleansing routine she does in her night routine.

What is your airplane beauty routine?

As I get on the plane I cleanse with micellar water as a little refresh. I’ll always apply an antioxidant serum because the free radicals when you’re in the air are crazy. Then I like to apply an oil—I like the Chanel Huile de Jasmine. I apply it to my face and—I probably shouldn’t do this, but—I put it on my body and my feet and hair as well. Otherwise I arrive like a little crisp. Then I also use a cream mask—you don’t need to sit there with a sheet mask—and you have the time on a plane to massage it in. I also like the Chanel eye patches, I always think they look really pretty and they cover your circles. I mist a lot on the plane, too.

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