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Grazia · How a Celebrity Esthetician Gives Herself An At-Home Facial

Hi, beauty editor here! As eye-roll-worthy as this is to admit, my job has blessed me with the opportunity to have tried countless beauty treatments through the years in pursuit of skin so good, it draws the attention of strangers. Despite having experienced some pretty amazing professional services, to me, nothing compares to the immediate results of a really good facial. Pre-pandemic, I’d try to treat myself to one monthly as both a way to rejuvenate my skin and put aside some time to treat myself. But when the global health crisis forced us into our homes, I decided it was time to get serious about taking matters into my own (freshly sanitised) hands. I made it a mission to develop a restorative facial routine that I could confidently perform from the comfort of my bathroom.

For expert insight, I reached out to celebrity aesthetician Melanie Grant, whose clients include Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Cate Blanchett, among others. Thankfully, the Sydney-based skincare specialist was more than happy to walk me through the *chef’s kiss* perfect at-home facial that she swears by, using some of her all-time favourite products. Take note that this routine is tailored to normal-to-dry skin, ideal for those looking to make their skin looks as youthful as possible. But even so, you can tweak it with products tailored to your specific skincare concerns. Ahead, find a breakdown of the facialist’s five-step regimen perfect for implementing into your routine when a trip to the spa is out of the question. 

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