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Grazia Bellezza · The Secret of Longevity

Reverse the direction of time and rejuvenate skin cells. This is the new challenge of cosmetic laboratories which, inspired by the latest scientific studies, create formulas to allow the skin to continue to be reborn. Grazia has chosen four top autumn news for a face full of vitality by Michele Mere Philipp Jeleneka.

In Silicon Valley, home of technological revolutions amidst San Francisco, the journey to immortality has already begun. The startup Altos Labs is working on biological reprogramming to “rejuvenate cells in the laboratory and thus prolong human life, defeating diseases and disabilities. On the one hand, the best scientists in the world with their research are milling about aging. On the other, great investors attracted by the project, such as the founder of Amazon, Jeff Besos. In a perhaps not too distant future, the startup’s discoveries could also be applied to cosmetics. Of course, the science of longevity is the main driver of the latest innovations in the field of skincare. Like the four new products that we present to you in the next pages; a serum, a night cream, an eye contour and a mask with exclusive formulas (also in price), For each category of product, we asked three world-famous facialists with signatures and gestures which, in our experience, can enhance the action and which you can find below. Therefore the search to give fuller life to the years is also done in everyday life, taking care of yourself and your skin.

For the Australian facialist Melanie Grant (preferred by Victoria Beckham), there is a skincare product to invest in, that is signs – it contains high concentrations of active ingredients and its molecular compositions favor their absorption more in depth, she explains. In general, I recommend applying it morning and evening, always before the gore and night cream and after cleansing. Then there are serums that can be used one on top of the other in this case, starting from the lightest, but never more than two at a time. While the right quantity is equal to a pea and should be dabbed onto the skin with the tips of fingers, performing compressive movements, useful for lymphatic drainage and microcirculation to tighten the tissues, without forgetting the neck and décolleté.

Known for her original genius, Sophie Carbo Nari, based in Paris, is the trusted make-up artist of Nani Campbell and Caroline de Maigret. When asked if we had any special suggestions for applying the cream, she replied that it is better to apply the cream first on the palms of the hands. Therefore, to support the self-regeneration process that the skin activates during the night, a massage begins by pinching the line of the chin from the center towards the ears, repeating the movement from the mouth outwards. Followed by wider pinches of the cheeks and forehead, from the eyebrows to the hairline
Very Italian, with a long list of celebrities as clients (abroad, Jennifer Aniston and Dua Lipa, just to name two), Alessandra Ricchini and, above all, the creator of Manual Lifting, a patented massage that works on the stress points of the facial muscles to eliminate tension, detoxify and “reposition the muscle groups that tend to sag with age. Your advice for the eye area: In case of bone, start with acupressure in the upper part of the eye by applying a specific product to the fingertips of both ring fingers (the fingers with the most delicate pressure, ed.) and reaching the internal corner, that of the tear duct, which is a point of energy discharge. While for a namural facelift, work the eyebrow arch alternating the movement of the pulps towards Talto, following the line of the eyebrows. And in the lateral esters mona, that of the “horizontal chicken ramps, proceed with vertical movements, to “spianark
As for the mask, Ricchizzi concludes: The application must be done with a natural bristle brush, always from the bottom towards the top, including the neck and the actor’s mouth and eyes. Furthermore, if it has a lifting action, it should also be applied to the attachment of the ear, from where the first sagging starts.