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Harper’s BAZAAR · Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about retinol, including the 15 best retinol products to buy

SOME SKINCARE products are a no-brainer addition to your routine. Cleanser? Of course. Moisturiser? Absolutely. But then there are the other steps and buzzword ingredients that take a little more consideration. Take, for instance, retinol.

Retinol is possibly one of the most-talked-about skincare actives on the market, and it’s also one of the most misunderstood. The potent ingredient is lauded for its efficacy at slowing down premature skin ageing and improving skin tone and texture, but you’ve likely also heard of the less-desirable “skin purging” that it can induce. But if you ask CHANEL Skincare Expert Melanie Grant, she’ll tell you that a bit of understanding around retinol is all you need to tackle it head-on and successfully incorporate it into your regimen — and you’ll thank her in the long run.

“There’s no other skincare ingredient capable of the results that retinol is in terms of building skin density, refining and brightening the complexion,” she says, “so if you can endure this brief period of adjustment it will be well worth it long term.”

If you’ve got questions, don’t worry — we have the answers you’re seeking. Read on for our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about retinol, including the best retinol serums, oils and alternatives to buy.

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