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Harper’s BAZAAR · Is face taping the answer to pain-free Botox?

In a quest for smoother skin, it’s hard to differentiate between a fad and effective treatment. Especially when an at-home, pain-free option is on the cards.
By Bailey Petts

EVERY SO OFTEN, amidst the torrential rain of new beauty trends, there are at-home treatments that not only look simple, but seem to propose metamorphic capabilities. It’s hard not to be intrigued. And at the moment, face taping is the thing in the beauty world.

For women, even after following the skincare commandments such as eating well, getting enough sleep, double cleansing and, of course, sunscreenthere always seems to be more that we can do to boost our skin’s elasticity and glow. This is why the idea of face taping — currently sitting at 65.4 million views on TikTok – has seemed to captivate the attention, and the frown lines, of the masses. Across your “For You” page, you might see some people using tape to stretch the skin on their face and neck. A slew of celebs have also revealed they ‘face tape’ — including Bella Hadid, to achieve her fox eye, lifted brow look and Lady Gaga.

After sleeping with tape on your face (not enough to want to say, “Hello, Clarice” — don’t worry), you remove the tape to reveal smooth, line-free skin. The question remains, though, can we be more thoughtful about clinical intervention with this new skincare trend on the block?

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