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Harpers Bazaar · The Skin-Fixing Face Masks A-Listers Are Wearing At Home

Since lockdown began, it feels like every day is a #selfcaresunday, with masking a mindful skincare task that can be enjoyed at any time of the week – or day, for that matter – while working from home.

Face masks are a mega-category in the skincare world, with one targeting every conceivable need, and for a wide range of budgets. To help hone it down, we’ve rounded up the best face masks of all time here, plus our favourite sheet masks (all biodegradable), as well as the LED face masks we recommend for those looking to tech for a professional-grade facial at home.

Sharing a shot on Instagram of her masking ritual, Huntington-Whiteley revealed she favours the formula made by Sydney-based skincare expert Melanie Grant. “She makes it herself; it’s made from strawberries,” the model and entrepreneur told a fan.

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