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Harper’s BAZAAR · Victoria Beckham’s facialist, Melanie Grant, on the need to ask yourself, “Am I thinking big enough?”

Whether they’re revolutionising skin and haircare, setting new standards for diversity in modelling or expressing their creativity through makeup and manicures, these local beauty pioneers are transforming the international beauty industry. In celebration of BAZAAR Australia’s new era, we celebrate their artistry in our ‘Tastemakers’ series as their careers are set for take-off.

THE FIRST THING one thinks of when they hear Melanie Grant’s name is gorgeous, glowing skin. With the likes of Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Victoria Beckham among her clients, the Australian facialist is one of the global leaders when it comes to skincare. But her passion for skin wasn’t born out of a love of glitz and glamour — rather, a more personal journey of self love and acceptance. 

“I don’t often share this, but as an 11-month old baby, I was burnt in a house fire,” Grant graciously shares. “I suffered third degree burns and had multiple skin grafts. I was in hospital for over a year.

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