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Harper’s BAZAAR · Victoria Beckham’s facialist, Melanie Grant, on the need to ask yourself, “Am I thinking big enough?”

Melanie Grant was once bullied for having third degree burns, but the Sydney-based entrepreneur is now one of the world’s most sought-after skin specialists with celebrities all after her secrets.

THE FIRST THING one thinks of when they hear Melanie Grant’s name is gorgeous, glowing skin. With the likes of Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Victoria Beckham among her clients, the Australian facialist is one of the global leaders when it comes to skincare. But her passion for skin wasn’t born out of a love of glitz and glamour — rather, a more personal journey of self love and acceptance.

“I don’t often share this, but as an 11-month old baby, I was burnt in a house fire,” Grant graciously shares. “I suffered third degree burns and had multiple skin grafts. I was in hospital for over a year.

While Grant says she was lucky to have had such a great medical team, her skin was left scarred; a condition she had to grapple with for much of her life. “I was bullied immensely at school because of my scarring, so I always hated it… But in a way, this was where my love of skincare really began.”

“As a child, I became obsessed with learning about remedies to make my skin look better. My grandmother would indulge me and let me make concoctions at home or burns remedies that I’d read somewhere — so she would let me do random things like cut up potatoes and put the peels on my skin.”

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