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Harper’s BAZAAR Australia · Face oil: Why all skin types can benefit from it — and the 12 best options on the market

If there’s one skincare step that gets something of a bad rap, it has to be face oils. Perhaps it’s because we associate negative connotations with the word itself; imagining viscous and greasy and overall unappealing sensations most of us might wish to avoid on our skin.

But contrary to cynical assumptions, ask any skin expert and they’ll tell you facial oils are well deserving of a spot within everyone’s skincare routine.

“I often find facial oils to be an overlooked part of most regimes, but in my opinion, should have a firm place on everyone’s vanity, regardless of your skin type,” says Melanie Grant, Chanel skin expert and skin practitioner. “Incorporating oils into your regime can be daunting, especially if you have combination or oilier skin, or if you’ve never used one. All skins can benefit immensely from oils, but there does need to be some careful consideration around marrying the right oil to your unique concerns.”

With that in mind, we asked Grant all the questions on your lips so you don’t have to work out the best oils for every skin type, and the best options on the market for you to try (and love).

Are oils actually good for your face?

There’s a common misconception floating about that any product with oil in it should be avoided for combination, normal or acne-prone skin types — but the truth of the matter is, face oils can actually benefit just about any skin type. Different options will obviously work better for different skin types, but adding an oil to your regiment can actually help to balance your skin’s oil production (your skin won’t be working over-time to try to produce its own oil if it’s already balanced).

“Either concentrated as a single type, or as part of a blend, they’re formulated with some of the most nutrient-dense parts of a plant, rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins,” explains Melanie Grant. “This makes them a great support if you’re feeling devitalised, dry, sensitised or struggling with compromised barrier function, because they have the capacity to really nourish and strengthen the complexion.”

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