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HTSI · These products are like Lucozade for the face

The skin barrier – aka stratum corneum – is a wonderful thing. Described by dermatologists as a “brick wall”, it locks in moisture and keeps out external aggressors. A downside is that getting nutrients past it can be a challenge; even water sits on top of the skin until it evaporates.

Electrolytes have a canny way of getting around this. These minerals – including magnesium, sodium and potassium, which are found in foods such as spinach, watermelon, milk and bananas – create an electrical charge when dissolved to help direct water where it’s needed. Until recently, they had mostly been used in sports drinks; today they’re finding fame in skincare. “The premise of using them in skincare is they’ll help the uptake of water into the skin, producing a more plump, quenched and hydrated finish,” explains skin expert Melanie Grant. Call it a Lucozade for your face.

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