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We were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Melanie Grant, known as one of the most trusted facialists in the world. The reason why she is respected is not because her guests are Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett, Phoebe Tonkin and Lara Worthington, nor is it because she is the official chief skin expert appointed by Chanel and is the “ceiling in the field of skin beauty” in Sydney. What’s more, when she faced the fire when she was a child, faced the burn scars on her body that accompanied her growing up, and faced the malicious comments and bullying she received throughout her school days, she did not shrink back, but chose to bravely face the initiative to “build “My own life, and put my heart and soul into it.

After years, she has not changed, but has become more determined. On June 28 this year, she launched her first book “The Modern Guide to Skin Health”. Her persistent efforts not only brought her own radiant life, but also helped more people who need “new brilliance”.

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