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MARIE CLAIRE · Skincare Guru Melanie Grant On The One Product She’d Never Miss Out On

Our obsession with serums is unabating but there is also a definite place for a rich moisturiser in our skincare routines – even during summer. We ask skincare guru and Chanel skincare expert Melanie Grant why we need to layer up, and the benefits of investing in a high-quality nourishing cream. 

Moisturiser vs Serum

If you diligently apply your serums but forgo your moisturiser, you might want to rethink. Why? Both have defined and complementary roles. “Serums and moisturisers work in tandem to offer complete and comprehensive care for the skin,” says Grant, who points out they also work on different layers of the skin. 

Serums: “Serums deliver hydration, antioxidants and actives to the deeper layers,” says Grant.

Moisturise: “Your moisturiser is designed to sit on top, ensuring the protective acid mantle remains intact while also preventing trans-epidermal water loss.” 

Cocoon & Plump: Air conditioning, chlorine, beach days and travel during summer can leave skin parched and devitalised. Enter the rich cream. “Cocooning the skin with an occlusive barrier prevents trans-epidermal water loss, keeping the skin plump, hydrated and quenched,” explains Grant.

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