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Marie Claire · Why Retinol Is The One Ingredient Your Skin Really Needs

“It’s tried, tested and proven to treat many skin conditions including large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, pigmentation and dull or uneven skin tone.”

“Retinol works by speeding up the turnover of dead skin cells, making way for fresh new cells to come to the surface,” says Grant. “It also thickens the deeper layers of our skin by stimulating the production of collagen as well as preventing collagen loss.”

Who should be using retinol?

Want great skin? Step right this way – Grant recommends starting a retinol as early as your twenties. “I almost always include a retinol into most of my clients’ skincare regimes as it treats myriad issues,” she says. “I see it as an essential step in a good skincare regime.”

How exactly do you use retinol? And is it safe?

Introduce retinol slowly to mitigate any skin sensitivity. “Try using a retinol serum after your evening cleanse two or three times per week before applying your night cream, eventually building up to every night,” suggests Grant.

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