Close this search box. · ‘A red lip, sculptured brow and radiant complexion’: CHANEL skin expert Melanie Grant on French girl beauty

Call it “French girl”, glass or glazed doughnut skin. It’s the beauty look everyone from Victoria Beckham to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is sporting … and this is who they go to achieve it.

Melanie Grant, the Australian celebrity facialist and Chanel skin expert, knows beauty is only skin deep … quite literally. Now based in London, Grant recently returned to her studio in Sydney to herald Chanel’s new season beauty. Speaking at her Double Bay headquarters, Grant reveals how to achieve plump, smooth and most importantly, glowing skin at any age – for spring, summer and everywhere in between.

Q: A lot has been written about “French girl beauty”, a signature of not only Chanel skincare, but also makeup. How would you describe the French girl aesthetic? And what is the skin prep to achieve it?

MG: “Australian and French approaches to beauty are very similar in a lot of ways. We’re both focused on skin health first and make up second and there’s a simplicity and preference for “less is more” to both. When it comes to make up I love the French approach of starting with a bright, refined and radiant complexion and choosing one feature to accentuate – a bold red lip, a fluffy, sculpted brow or a beautiful smokey eye.”

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