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NEWS.COM.AU · Inside Beauty’s Complicated World of Hormone Disruptors & the Clean Brands Changing the Game.

The beauty industry is seeing a rise in “clean”, non-toxic products aimed at protecting wearers from the effects, experts say. Belinda Smith, the founder of Australian fragrance brand St Rose, said: “In underregulated beauty industry, we believe in transparent ingredient disclosure”. “It is still novel for brands in the beauty industry and especially fragrance to share all of the ingredients in their products,” Ms Smith said.

Meantime, Grant – one of the most in-demand facialists globally – recently unveiled her latest venture – a collaboration with Beckham’s Victoria Beckham Beauty that was two years in the making. Grant and Beckham have released a “double cleansing” routine with the Daily Oil Cleaner and Daily Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser, available in Australia via Melanie Grant.

Beckham and Grant have described cleansing as “the basic foundation of any good skincare regime”. Grant says the key was to “strengthen” the skin via cleansing, rather than stripping it of oils it actually needs.

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