Close this search box. · Never sleep in your makeup! Australian skincare star Melanie Grant reveals party season beauty tips

Sydney-based Grant is behind the fresh-faces of Victoria’s Secret models (including Georgia Fowler), as well as Lara Worthington, Christine Centenra, Victoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian. Mrs Bieber, 23, featured on Melanie Grant’s start-studded Instagram feed recently, where her skincare routine was said to include Grant’s signature daily moisturiser (with SPF 50) and Chanel’s Le Lift flash eye revitaliser mask.

The Australian — who is also an official skincare expert for Chanel — operates out of studios in Sydney, Melbourne and West Hollywood, as well as regular pop-ups in Paris. On Grant’s menu of pre-treatments is a “Camera Ready Facial”, which is described as a “pre-event treatment for a flawless, clear, illuminated complexion ”.

Bieber’s beauty look at the Golden Globes this week was of particular significance, as her makeup artist, Denika Bedrossian, revealed she didn’t even need a full, face-covering foundation to achieve her post-Globes party glow. Such was the state of her skin that she simply used a Bare Minerals foundation stick as a concealer, as well as setting powder. And Bieber was one of the most photographed stars at InStyle’s invitation-only party.


And with the Oscars only a month away, Grant offered her summer beauty advice, which doesn’t require a red carpet invitation to follow.

Never sleep in your makeup. Like, ever. “Even if you can only manage a quick sweep of micellar water over your face, neck and décolletage, this is a must,” Grant said. “Our skin repairs and regenerates while we’re sleeping so it’s essential to ensure a clean canvas for optimal rejuvenation. “Incorporate AHAs such as lactic acid into your routine, as these are a really effective way of refining, clarifying, brightening and renewing the complexion without any downtime.”

Yes, drinking water really works.

“Drink lots of clean, filtered water. This will help prevent bloating, eliminate dark circles from toxins in the liver and keep your skin clear and hydrated,” Grant said. “I also like to include lemon for vitamin C and enzymes and cucumber with the skin on to rehydrate and soothe inflammation along with fresh mint leaves.”

Hydrate afterwards, especially if you’ve been in the sun.

“The first port of call after being sunburnt (regardless of the degree), is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” Grant said. “Sunburn will draw fluid away from the skin’s surface, so make sure you replenish and rehydrate with lots of water to compensate (think of it as a way of apologising to your poor skin). “Avoid any further sun exposure until your burn subsides completely. Just because sunburn heals eventually, the long-lasting, damaging effects of the sun hang around for years to come (namely skin cancer, wrinkles and pigmentation).”

Limit alcohol.

“Alcohol dehydrates the body generally and is also inflammatory. Too much alcohol will leave you with lacklustre, dry, dull and puffy skin,” Grant said. “My antidote to a night of drinking is an ice plunge. “It’s an age-old remedy … fill a large bowl with cold water, with a couple of handfuls of ice cubes, and plunge your face into the water for 5-10 seconds at a time, repeating 10 times. “It moves stagnant lymph fluid, constricts capillaries and contracts dilated pores.”

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