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Olivia Palermo · Glow Up at Home? Two A-List Skincare Experts Break it Down

Morning Musts:
Waking up on the right note is essential, and for Grant it starts with a gentle cleanse. “This removes any residual product from my evening regime [and] sweeps away surface debris and energizes the complexion,” says Grant. “If I have time, I use a gua sha stone to boost blood flow for one to two minutes.” Similarly, Vargas suggests washing your face with products that soothe, calm, and hydrate before doing a lymphatic massage. “[It’s] one of my favorite ways to help reduce puffiness, eliminate dark circles under my eyes, and lessen the frequency of breakouts. It’s easy to do; mimic a “J” motion across your face.”

Beautiful Breakfast:
After a refreshing start, kick the day off with a hydrating, nutritious, and skin-benefiting breakfast. “Take a shot of chlorophyll every day,” suggests Vargas vitamin-rich antioxidant supplement. “It’s a simple way to get a super-sized serving of greens every day and tastes like mint, [plus] it will help oxygenate the skin [and] assist in keeping your complexion clear and bright.” Grant, too, loves a green fix and begins each morning with a smoothie. “Kale, spinach, avocado, a small amount of berries with coconut water, ice, and a good quality protein,” shares Grant, who also adds beef bone broth cubes and flax seeds to get all her nutrients.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance:
Those who are meticulous like OP about their monthly facials can adjust to the new normal with a few key tips from Grant and Vargas. “Consistency is key,” explains Grant. “It’s better to select a handful of products that are suited specifically to your unique skin concerns—ones that are high performance and active.” Grant suggests an antioxidant serum, a good quality SPF, and gentle retinol coupled with a healthy diet, sleep, and minimal stress to achieve the best results.

This is in line with Vargas, who suggests a gentle exfoliant after a face wash as “it will stimulate collagen production, remove dead skin cells, brighten the skin,” in addition to letting additional products seep better into the skin. Also, Vargas advises to spend a little extra time on the T-zone as oil can build-up and lead to blackheads. “Afterwards, I use a good serum or sheet mask,” says Vargas, whose range targets everything from hydration to radiance. “My Glow to Go Mask Set is great because you can choose the sheet you need at the moment,” adds Vargas, who suggests starting with one featuring hyaluronic acid and peptide for a glowing and hydrated finish. Masking is also an ideal, at-home activity that the entire family can get in on.

Puff Problems:
Another common facial issue is puffiness, but both Grant and Vargas have some simple solutions to keep things firm. “I try to give myself a lymphatic drainage massage while massaging in skincare products and serums,” says Vargas. “Downward circles will depuff, while upward ones will bring nutrients to the skin.” Those wanting a jolt should heed Grant’s own ritual. “I do a quick ice plunge,” shares Grant who fills a bowl with clean water, ice cubes, and dunks her face three to five times for 20 seconds. “It always does the trick!”

Home Remedies:
With everyone staying home, shipments of goods may be delayed, which is why Grant has been a longtime fan of concocting her own blends. “I’m a huge fan of home remedies [and] have been making DIY facial masks since I was little,” beams Grant. “I love honey for it’s emollient, healing, and anti-microbial properties. Avocado is also great [as are] oats [which] are wonderful in the bath for dryer skins.” And for coffee addicts like Grant—”I immediately reach for caffeine as soon as I wake”—she suggests saving the grounds for an energizing body scrub in the shower.

Finishing Touch:
Facial maintenance even applies to the hours we sleep, giving our skin much-needed restoration, and it’s also the ideal time to let some nutrients seep in deeper. For Grant, her nighttime ritual includes a double cleanse followed by “apply[ing] P50 lotion, a super gentle retinol serum and layering Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream over the top.” Another pro tip from Grant? “Lip balm!” Adding an even more luxe touch to evening routines is Vargas’s latest innovation, the Magic Glow Wand. With four modes, each setting allows users to achieve different-yet-complementary results from cleansing and soothing to minimizing pore size.