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Par Olive · How to upgrade your at home regime with Melanie Grant

World renowned skin-expert and PEARL Marine Collagen stockist Melanie Grant is responsible for the glowing, ageless complexions of Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and our very own Australian skincare Queen Zoë Foster-Blake. We discuss 5 simple steps to upgrade your at home beauty rituals (whilst sipping on your daily serving of PEARL Marine Collagen, of course)

Step 1 / Double Cleanse in the Evenings – Always

“I recommend starting with a gentle milk or oil to dissolve any SPF, pollution, oil and grime. I’m currently using Royal Fern Phytoactive Cleansing Balm with it’s super hydrating jelly-like consistency that melts into the skin – it’s really comforting. Then, move into something a little more active. I look for formulas with AHA’s and BHA’s that’ll clear the pores and break down cellular debris. Cosmedix Purity Clean is one of my favourites.”

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