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Professional Beauty July-August 2023 · Melanie Grant’s Midas Skincare Touch

This go-to skincare specialist and author is renowned across the globe for her tailored made facials. She reveals to Anita Quade the top trends and her synergy with high-end formulations.

Welcome back from your whirlwind travels for Chanel fashion week recently – can you let us in on any skincare trends you have noticed?

“SLUGGING AS a trend is still going strong. I’ve actually been doing this for as long as I can remember but without the new name. Creating an occlusive barrier over the skin is a great way to help actives absorb and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. I’d recommend “slugging” overnight or while on a long haul flight, as it can feel too heavy for most on an everyday basis. I’d also advise to be mindful of the products you’re using – look for ingredients like Shea, Ceramides and Candelilla Wax that can offer benefits to the skin in addition to their humectant properties and please don’t use Vaseline!”

Are there any skincare trends you would tell your clients to beware of?

“Skin cycling is also still trending, however something I’m not really a fan of. In my opinion, a simple and consistent regime always yields the best results. I’m a firm believer in taking the time to identify your skin concerns and to target them with a specific regime that’ll do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need to use a different product every evening – your skin care shouldn’t feel like work, it should do the work for you. If you’re incorporating actives, look for micro-encapsulated or slow release formulas and introduce them gradually once per week, working up to nightly use only as tolerated. This will also prevent the risk of reactivity by incorporating too many different products and having them interact negatively.”

What is your favourite tip for prepping model skin backstage? 

“Before an event I’m always cautious not to do anything too corrective – I like to focus on refining the skin with gentle peels, infusions with hydrating and brightening boosters, red light therapy to promote circulation and radiance and finishing with a firm and purposeful massage to flush stagnant lymph, sculpt, lift and tone the complexion and leave it with a healthful glow.”

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