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RUSSH · Jess Blanch shares her foolproof winter beauty and wellness survival guide

Staying well and sane during the Australian winter can be a job in itself when your Instagram feed cordially reminds you of the golden Mediterranean life on the other side of the world. It’s no lie the lack of Vitamin D and dry air has depleted a bit of life from our skin, but fret not if this is you too as Editor-in-Chief Jess Blanch has curated a survival guide to all her favourite brands and ateliers that are offering some much-needed wellness and grounding support during these biting times.

While we can overlook the importance of wellness and taking care of ourselves during the warmer seasons, it seems the harsh snaps of winter can truly remind us of the priority it should be. For Jess, finding nutrient-dense and accessible treatments to attend to both her mind and body has been an astronomical advantage to thriving this winter. Below, find the winter beauty survival guide Jess Blanch swears by.

Macrene Actives founded by dermatologist Dr Macrene Alexiades, is a luxurious skincare brand that is united by science and sustainability using plant-based ingredients, where many are sourced from her own organic farm. Their ‘High-performance cleanser’ has been a particular favourite knowing when it purifies and leaves the skin feeling hydrated it also protects it.

“I love a super clean, ethical and sustainable product and am thrilled to see Macrene now available at Melanie Grant’s studio. The products feel incredibly pure. I love how the brand doesn’t do anything superfluous.”

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