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RUSSH · Melanie Grant walks us through how to use Chanel’s new N°1 de Chanel products

The House of Chanel has always had a unique relationship with the Camellia. An emblem of the House since 1913, each iconic moment that Chanel offers up, the Camellia is present in some way. At the beginning of the year, Chanel tapped into the revitalising powers of the red Camellia for N°1 de Chanel, a skincare line that honours ingredients of natural origin that are renewable and have reduced environmental impact. Now, the line expands with the needs of the skin, to include two new products in the N°1 de Chanel line: The Revitalising Body Serum-in-Mist, and the Revitalising Essence Lotion.

Each of the water-light formulas are enriched with red Camellia, harnessing the flowers revitalising properties and leaving the skin comforted and hydrated with a weightless ease. The Revitalising Body Serum-in-Mist is offered to nourish, tone, and protect, while the Revitalising Essence Lotion plumps, unifies, and illuminates the skin. Together, they complete the N°1 de Chanel range, and provide the skin the opportunity to look and feel it’s best without being overloaded with harsh actives or irritants.

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