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RUSSH · The key points we took away from Melanie Grant’s book ‘The Modern Guide to Skin Health’

In the perpetual pursuit of immaculate skin, there are hero products and ingredients we turn to which we know work to create a dewy, natural glow. However, alongside this, treating our skin to expert care and TLC can also go a long way, and many look no further than Melanie Grant. Now, we can take the wisdom of Grant into our homes, thanks to the publication of her first book, The Modern Guide to Skin Health.

With a foreword from Victoria Beckham, an enthusiastic client of Grant’s who recommends the Australian facialist to many in her address book, The Modern Guide to Skin Health is a beauty book like no other on the market. In her introduction, Grant is frank and genuine in her passion for skin, seeing results with her clients and how she transformed childhood scars into a career spanning continents. With locations in Sydney, Los Angeles and London, Grant’s knowledge of skincare is boundless and now we can co-opt this knowledge into our own routines.

In anticipation of The Modern Guide to Skin Health’s release on June 28, here are four key points we took away from the book.

1. Learn your active ingredients

A key to unlocking your skin’s potential is understanding what are active ingredients and how they work to replenish, nourish and moisturise your epidermis. In The Modern Guide to Skin Health, Grant explains the types of actives to know and how they can be employed in your skincare routines. 

2. Understand your skin type

One of the most integral pillars to skin health is knowing your skin type. This can then help determine the products your skin needs to look and feel its best. If you believe you have oily skin while, in fact, your skin is combination, the products you are applying may be doing more harm than good. Here, Grant explains the fundamentals and what you need to be weary of. 

3. Trust your intuition

At the end of the day, listening and observing your skin is going to be the best tool in learning how to care for it, with Grant noting that all skin is different and unique to the individual. With the book acting as a guide, it isn’t to be taken as scripture, and ensuring you employ methods and products that work for you will always be the best way forward for glowing, clear skin. 

4. Nourish from the inside out

Beauty comes from within, and more often than not, so does the glow that we seek for our skin. While much of the advice in The Modern Guide to Skin Health focuses on the external, Grant does address that the food and drink we consume will impact on how our skin appears on the outside in a chapter well worth reading if you can’t seem to work out why frequent breakouts occur, despite a well-oiled skincare routine. 

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