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Spa and Clinic· Celebrity Skin Whisperer Melanie Grant Launches Her First-Ever Book

Australian skin expert, celebrity facialist, and founder of Melanie Grant Skin, Melanie Grant has released her first book, The Modern Guide To Skin Health. Known in celebrity circles as the ‘skin whisperer,’ the Australian facialist has garnered a formidable worldwide reputation for her aesthetician abilities.

What made you decide to write a book and what was the process of writing it like?

“I love sharing my knowledge and feel that skincare needs to be more accessible. I believe everyone should have the knowledge to take care of their skin [regardless of] having to have the resources to visit a clinic on a regular basis.”

What kind of book is it?

“This is a complete educational guide – Everything from how to determine your skin type and condition, through to devising a proper morning routine or DIY facial.”

Who did you have in mind while writing this book?

“Literally anyone – from your mother to your sister, your husband, daughter or best friend.”

Did you learn anything yourself while writing this book?

“Patience and discipline. I had to revise my own knowledge and of course, learn about all of the time and effort that goes into creating and publishing a book – it’s wild!”

Where do you see the skincare industry going/what do people want?

“I think there is a desire to have the option for DIY [skincare] and a thirst for knowledge. People want to really understand how to take care of their skin across every aspect. It’s part of this self-care movement.”

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