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Sunday Life · The 10 most common beauty myths debunked

Like any area of health, myths abound when it comes to skincare. From brands that entice us using clever marketing claims to therapists and salespeople who play on our insecurities to sell unnecessary treatments, products that don’t deliver on their promises are everywhere.

Throughout my career, I’ve heard every sort of skincare myth. Here, I’ve rounded up a few of the most common so I can debunk them for you once and for all.

The myth: Pricier products equal better results.

The truth: In my opinion, the best skincare products cover the whole price spectrum. Many expensive brands invest a lot of money in marketing rather than developing the actual formulas. In fact, most skincare ingredients aren’t that expensive to produce. The high costs might be because of expensive and time-consuming innovations, which when combined with marketing or production costs result in a higher price point. It is often possible to find a similar product with the same calibre of ingredients for much cheaper. Do keep in mind, though, that anything that’s too cheap is also probably too good to be true. I do think it’s worth investing if you find products that work for your skin type. It may be that a much more expensive product turns out to be the right one for you. As always, research the ingredients in the product and try not to get sucked in by fancy marketing.

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